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The consultant team
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Excellent full-time consultant team
Sunsharer owns a senior, high-efficiency, passionate and responsible full-time headhunting Sunsharer consultant team
The average age of team members is 32 years
The working experience of team members is above 10 years on average
The headhunting career of team members is above 3.5 years on average
80.5% of team members hold the master’s degree or above
Over 75% of team members have profound background related to medium and senior management and HR management
Powerful part-time consultant team
More than 510 part-time consultants
Part-time headhunting consultants mainly distribute in about 40 advantageous industries
Spread around 34 provinces, cities and municipalities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) of China and some foreign countries
Include HR managers from various industries, medium and senior managers from excellent enterprises, and the relevant personnel from guilds, examination institutions, consultation institutions and training companies
The part-time consultant team is being expanded continuously ……