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Enterprise mission:
Promote the value maximization of human capital in reasonable turnover and optimal allocation; cultivate excellent talents into outstanding talents and expand advanced talents into leading talents so as to achieve win-win benefits and share success.
Development vision:
Become a professional headhunting company with the most brand influence and good reputation in the country.
Management objective:
Only discover the optimum platform and only provide the optimum talent
Service concept:
For speed, ensure quickest response;
For extent, expand actively;
For depth, pursue for elaborative and specialty;
For height, adhere to the customer-foremost principle.
Talent standards:
Talents shall have both integrity and ability; and suitability is the most important.
Customer standards:
Respect talents, be honesty and law-abiding; a bright future and a good image.
"Sunsharer" ——Base on respecting talents and benefit the world. The name not only reflects the spirit of people oriented and concept of seeking talents we have always advocated but also shows our firm confidence in creating value for our clients and the social responsibility we can’t forget.
"Sunsharer" —— is close to the pronunciation of “尚贤达”. Moreover, it also means that we seek after sun sharing and win-win success for our customers, candidates and the society.
1. The pointed two triangles in the logo indicate that the service objects of Sunsharer Headhunting are the industry's top companies and top talents and the contents of service are making the top companies and top talents be attracted by each other and matched well with each other.
2. Shape of the main body of the logo is the sighting telescope of a sniper rifle, which means that during the process of headhunting, Sunsharer always understands customer needs correctly, firmly aims at potential targets and carries out precise headhunting and exact matching;
3. Colors of the main body of the logo are black and red, where black represents strong expertise, and red represents good moral character. This indicates that we are committed to recommend talents who are both socialist-minded and professionally competent and have both integrity and ability.
4. Gradual change in colors indicates that Sunsharer pays attention to the integration of culture idea and behavior standard between talents and enterprises and also between Sunsharer and customers.