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For the Sunsharer's service is advantage
For the Sunsharer's Service characteristics
The rapid reaction. The search——For  headhunting company is to speed, good effect and access to the customer widely praised:
Average within five working days from the first candidate recommended
Average 28 days of complete position recommended. Success
Position than average progress headhunting industry save time by more than 20%, than our customers on their own save more than 60%
The magnitude of the talent bank——To collaborate with large headhunting is of talents database for rapid response and precise provides an important guarantee for hunting:
Independent high-end talent of 360000 data
The sharing of senior personnel information data of 1.1 million
Senior personnel information growth more every day 400
The average annual salary of talents pool of about 420000 yuan
Talent distributed in several domestic and foreign multinational enterprises and famous industries group, strength enterprise
Wide talent channel——Sunsharer owns wide and abundant talent channel and has established an intensive and enormous talent contact network::
More than 510 part-time consultants
46 guilds at each level
28 professional/practicing qualification examination institutions
More than 26 provincial, municipal and regional personnel departments
More than 15 integrated and professional recruitment websites
Keeping good partnership with each MNA/EMBA, high-end forum and industrial salon in a long time
Making the accurate and oriented headhunting according to the customer’s target enterprise
Deep industrial analysis——We pay close attention to the industrial talent trend and tendency at any time and make the valuable analysis and research:
Establishing the professional “Industrial Talent Analysis Department”
Collecting the major industrial information and talent information to analyze and research the development tendency of industrial talents
Collecting the distribution, actual situation and change information of talents from major enterprises in the industry to provide quick headhunting with the necessary condition
Advanced IT platform——We make full use of information technology to provide enhancement of internal management and expansion of external resource with important guarantee:
Independent talent information management system, quick and accurate reserve, classification and searching of talents
Complete headhunting business management system and immediate and satisfactory customer service
Establishing a communication management platform of part-time headhunting consultants to rapidly communicate and share information
Making use of SNS technology (social networking service) and own website platform to strengthen the communication between consultants and potential candidates
International service standard——We adopt AESC Service Standard for International Society of Executive Search to provide standard service in the whole process, mainly including:
《AESC Professionalized Moral StandardAESC》
《AESC Normalized Operating Procedure》
《AESC Candidate Assessment and Background Investigation Procedure》
《AESC Candidates’ Rights & Interests and Customer Company’s Whole Monitoring and Final Option》
Sophisticated professional quality
We provide customized service according to the international standard:
More than 10 scientific and effective talent assessment tools and complete talent appraisal system
Scientific and normative business process
Detailed and deep background investigation
Topping professional quality displayed in each detail