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Service flow chart of Sunsharer Headhunting
Service Process Description
1. Demand analysis :initial contact with a customer to understand the basic situation of the customer and confirm the real needs of customer;
2. Project appraisal :conduct client background analysis and research to master information about background of posts, job descriptions, cultural style, evaluation system and carry out initial consultation on cooperation conditions and project feasibility assessment;
3. Signing contract :Both parties sign the headhunting service contract and the customer pays the down payment for headhunting services;
4. Talent hunting :A、Set up a headhunting project team which will be comprised of project manager, senior consultants, consultants, assistants, part-time consultants etc.;
B、Discuss and develop the headhunting program, determine the channels for headhunting, and make a clear division of labor.;
C、Implement the headhunting program and start a comprehensive talent search.
5. Talent selection :aiming at the target groups, conduct scientific quality assessment and selection of candidates through contact, understanding, telephone communication, interview and understanding through other means to gradually narrow down the scope of candidates;
6. Recommendation Report :After preliminary test, assessment and comparison, select and recommend candidates and write and submit a recommendation report;
7. Customer interview :Help the customer to carry out candidate interviews, re-examination, assessment and judgment and conduct information communication, feedback and coordination to basically determine the target candidates;
8. Background Investigation :Help the customer to carry out background investigation on target candidates’ resume, education, quality, performance, ability, character and other information and verify such information for deepening understanding on target candidates;
9. Final Determination :Determine the target candidates, negotiate on the main terms of employment and assist the customer and candidates to sign the offer of employment/OFFER. The customer will send the OFFER to both the candidates and Sunsharer;
10. Register & Entry :assist candidates in completing handover of work in the original unit, preparation of new staff entry documents and going through register and entry procedures;
11. Probation tracking :The customer pays off the residual balance. Sunsharer will promote smooth integration between both parties according to the performance of candidates during the probation/warranty period so as to have the candidates being integrated into the company and set on the right track of work;
12. Project summary :Summarize and re-evaluate the implementation of the project, make up for shortcomings and carry out continuous improvement; promote long-term friendly cooperation with customers, and accept new job commission of customer。