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◇ Suitability principle :"Suitability adding values" ! Suitability principle is the highest standard of Sunsharer in the process of headhunting service. We understand needs of customers and talents deeply. Every detail in the process of headhunting service is guided by such needs. We recommend a candidate who is not necessarily the best or the most expensive but the most suitable.
◇ Reality principle :In the service process, Sunsharer Headhunting always abide by the objective and realistic principles and offers no false, dissembled, concealed or illusory information of enterprises and candidates, promote the customers and candidates to make objective and correct judgments. Our success is totally based on customer's success.
◇ Confidentiality principle :Sunsharer Headhunting complies with "three strict" standard--strict operational procedures, strict confidentiality rules and regulations and strict work disciplines to protect the confidential information of customers and candidates, the occupational safety of talents and the information safety of customers. For this purpose, we are willing to sign a "confidentiality agreement" with customers to ensure that our customers’ business secrets are legally protected.
◇ Reliability principles :The reliability of Sunsharer Headhunting is derived from our average success rate of 81.5% among entrusted posts, repeated verification by our more than 1,000 international and domestic excellent customers, our long-term accumulation of resources and also expertise and self-confidence of our consultancy team.
◇ Good faith principle :With good faith as the basis of our business, Sunsharer Headhunting never recruits talents who are successfully recommended by us and excavates talents from the customers in cooperation with us. We do not make rash promises, but will spare no effort to implement after a formal commitment, no matter how much it costs.
◇ Legality principle :We do not touch or undertake illegal business, recommend no talent who is unruly but focus on normalized procedures and legal procedures. A strong sense of social responsibility and public awareness are the basic requirements for each staff of Sunsharer.
◇ Warrant principle :After successful recommendation of candidates, we will continue to provide follow-up services to help customers and candidates to complete mutual accommodation and exchange of cultures. We have set up a talent warranty period. If a candidate leaves office or unfits for his post during the warranty period, we will be responsible for replacing him with a new candidate for free.