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Sunsharer Headhunting’s Customer Composition

For customer is executive source

Sunsharer Headhunting’s Operational Indicator (Part)

Project Name Indicator
Number of successful served customers Above 1000
Average annual salary of successful recommended talents 356,000 yuan
Average recommendation period of the first batch of candidates 5 days (working days)
Average period of recruitment completion 22 days (working days)
Average number of talents/posts to be selected initially 112 persons
Average number of talents/posts to be recommended 5 persons
Average success rate of headhunting post 90.7%
Probation success rate of candidates 98.5%
Customers’ overall satisfaction rate 91.6%
Average retention rate of regular customers 78%

Sunsharer Headhunting’s Post Indicator (Part)

Headhunting post Average success rate Average recommendation period of the first batch of candidates (working days)
CEO/President/General Manager/EVP 78% 10 days
Deputy/Financial Controller/CFO 95% 4days
Deputy/Chief Human Resource Officer 95% 4days
Deputy/Marketing Director 88% 5days
Technical R&D Director/Chief Engineer 90% 5days
Deputy/Logistics Supply Chain Director 91% 5days
Deputy/Production Director/Factory Manager 92% 5days
Deputy/IT Director 95% 5days
Deputy/Quality Director 90% 5days
Deputy/Real Estate Design Director 91% 5days
Deputy/Fashion Design Director 89% 5days
Project Manager/Senior R&D Engineer 94% 5days